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Machine Vision

JUNCO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. takes industrial vision and automation technology as its core, concentrates on the promotion and innovation of machine vision and image processing technology, and devotes itself to the integrated solution of machine vision and vision robot application system, aiming at solving the practical problems in industrial production for customers.

Focus on machine vision technology, telecentric optics technology, vision robot technology application, for automated intelligent manufacturing equipment customer service.

Through years of research and continuous independent innovation, the company's core team has explored a series of unique technologies in the direction of optical imaging system, image processing algorithm, integrated solution of automated vision system, and vision application based on industrial robots. It has developed a series of industrial vision products which are the core of the visual industry chain and meet the needs of industrial products in the production process in an all-round way. Requirements for inspection of appearance quality.

The company adheres to people-oriented, attracts and condenses a number of outstanding talents in the fields of image processing, machine vision, robot control and automation equipment, and accumulates valuable human resources for the development of enterprises. The company's existing R&D personnel involved in mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation control, computer information technology and other professional, master's degree or above accounted for more than 28%.

Industrial Vision Automation Solution

Machine vision, robotics, automation and other technologies are transformed into system solutions to serve the construction of digital intelligent workshop and production line.