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R&D Team

R&D Team
1.Zhang Wenjun

Professor Zhang Wenjun (1963 -), male, Beijing native, member of the Jiusan Society, project appraisal expert of the National Natural Science Foundation, graduated from China University of Mining (Beijing) in 1994 with a doctorate in engineering. He is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science of the Chinese Women's College and a visiting scholar in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Notre Dame in the United States. He is the director of the teaching and Research Department of "Network and Information System" and currently the director of "Institute of Computer Applied Technology". I have taught more than 20 specialized courses in Internet of Things, Machine Vision, Enterprise Web Technology, Internet Technology, Digital Circuits, Microcomputer Principles and Assembly Language, Database, etc.

The main research areas are the Internet of Things, machine vision, artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence computing, enterprise-level Web technology, and embedded measurement and control technology. Presided over more than 20 scientific research and educational reform projects, including: the national scientific and technological support sub-project "Development of comprehensive remote monitoring and management system for deep well freezing construction based on Internet of Things", monitoring depth created a world record of 1200 meters, and the application in Hetaoyu Mine of Shaanxi Province and Yili Mine of Xinjiang is stable and effective, and won the first prize of "Science and Technology of China Coal Industry". Major research topics at school level are "Integration of Two Diversities: Research and Implementation of Industrial Management and Control System Based on Rich Internet"; Key research topics at school level are "Research on Real-time Bidirectional Internet of Things Protocol Architecture and Middleware"; Cooperation project with Orthodontics Department of Beijing Stomatological Hospital "Development of Electronic Orthodontic Medical Record and Statistics System Based on Rich Internet"; and "Development of Rotary Rheometer" 》 "Computer Control System for Smoke Elimination, Dust Removal, Coal Saving, Environmental Protection and Combustion Support" and other scientific research projects, as well as the key topic of school education reform, "Bilingual Construction of Network Programming".

Individuals have two national patents: (1) Intelligent voice abacus, patent number: 98202164.X, complete prototype development and technology transfer; (2) Infusion real-time monitor, patent number: 98202010.4. The patent has been commercialized - "Civil and Military Infusion Monitor". It has obtained the registration certificate of the People's Republic of China for medical devices. The registration number: Beijing Pharmaceutical Instrument Supervision (Trial) No. 99, No. 21152. It is also introduced and broadcasted in the "Patent Archives" column of China Education Television Station. Both of them were compiled by the State Intellectual Property Office into the Outstanding Patent Collection of China.

More than 30 academic papers have been published in the core, SCI, EI academic journals and academic conferences of Peking University at home and abroad, including "Design of Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Internet of Things for Deep Well Freezing Construction" (Coal Science and Technology), "Software and Hardware Interface of GPS and Embedded System and Navigation Information Extraction Software" (Computer Engineering), "Fault Diagnosis Algorithms Based on Infrared Thermal Image". Research and System Design (Coal Science and Technology), Irregular Coal Field Measurement System Design Based on Laser Three-dimensional Scanning (Coal Science and Technology), 3D Tooth Virtual Simulation: Segmentation and Reconstruction Based on CBCT Images for Orthodontics (International Journal of Obesity), 2-Tier Cloud Architecture and Application in Electronic H Academic papers such as Real Record (JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE) and Research of 3D Virtual Design and Automated Bending of Oral Orthodontic Archwire (International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology).

Publishing monograph "Research on Flex and SSH-based Rich Internet Enterprise Technology and Its Cloud Architecture" (Science Press, 2013).