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Intelligence application

Artificial intelligence technology industry is a new industrial revolution, which has great opportunities. In recent years, the AI industry in Beijing has been developing continuously. Many AI technology companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou have chosen to seek financial consultation from Huatuo to register AI technology companies in Beijing. On the basis of years of research in Beijing Institute of Computer Applied Research, military intelligence has made great achievements in artificial intelligence technology. It mainly carries out the following aspects of business:

1.Technology promotion service; talent intermediary service.

2.Technology development, technology transfer, technology consultation, technology services; application software services; computer system integration; computer technology training; sales of computers, software and auxiliary equipment, electronic products, machinery and communication equipment; economic information consultation; data processing (bank Card Center in data processing).

3.Artificial intelligence equipment research and development, sales; software technology, information technology services; business information consulting; accounting services; intellectual property services; business management services; artificial intelligence professional market research; conference services; exhibition and cultural exchange services; packaging services.

4.Research and development of artificial intelligence technology; development and sale of network technology, software technology, computer hardware and software, communication equipment technology; computer network engineering; computer technology consulting and technical services; computer system integration; integration of electronic commerce and intelligent logistics system; import and export business of self-supporting and agent of various commodities and technologies; robot research and development and sales; development of big data technology Technical services and technical consultation.