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Corporate Culture

Junco is a small, sparrow like bird found from northern Canada to Central America. The adult is about 15 cm long. Most species have pink beaks, a light gray or coffee red back, and a gray white belly. People often recognize it by its white tail feathers in flight. The Canary feeds on insects, plant seeds or wild fruits. They lay blue-green eggs in grass nests, which can produce four to six at a time All kinds of the rushfinches breed in northern part of the North America. They fly to the south for the winter. They are called Snowbirds. "Jingke" takes its English translation of "Junco". The logo is a magic combination of two groups of "Jingke" Pinyin abbreviations "JK", just like the two chasing juncos, which means that like this smart bird, Jingke is fearless and enterprising; the two chasing juncos are combined into one, forming an independent Junco, which means that the core members of the company are united and work together Promote. At the same time, the "kJ" representing two juncos in the logo can also be understood as "technology", that is, the type of company.

Enterprise Culture of JUNCO Intelligent Company

Business philosophy: excellence, honesty and service

Target: Providing Intelligent Solutions for Enterprises

Corporate Culture: Simple Personality, Efficient Work, Encourage Innovation, Honest Service

Vision: To provide a platform for development and benefit sharing for all employees

Enterprise Spirit:

Practical innovation - sincerity is the combination of foresight and science and technology. We are competitive. Because we are pragmatic, we summarize past experience, we are brave to innovate, and constantly innovate, whether in concept, technology, method, or market and strategy.

Keeping improving - We emphasize the precise theory, careful design, rigorous development and precise implementation to provide customers with perfect products and services.

The sense of ownership - sincerely create a platform to contribute their talents and reflect their own values, provide everyone with space for development, everyone will have a success that is being created, we will be the masters of dreams and future.

Sharing and cooperation - Team is a harmonious interpersonal relationship based on mutual respect. We realize that only when everyone achieves their goals, can our overall goals be achieved. We are ready to extend a helping hand to the people around us without hesitation. We have the responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with customers, partners and colleagues.

JUNCO services:

JUNCO believes that it is not enough to provide users with a single full range of products. We focus on providing users with a set of application solutions, including consulting, planning, products, training, technical support and after-sales service.

JUNCO Company always adheres to the enterprise concept of "excellence, honesty and service", and strives for excellence in product development and technology, so as to respond quickly to customers and improve service quality. Customer's demand is the direction of our efforts, customer satisfaction is our goal of success!

Looking ahead:

Where there is no end to the road, there is no end to the wisdom.

JUNCO Intelligence has made great efforts to make its solutions and technical services move towards a broader and higher level. Looking back, we see our achievements as a new starting point. We will continue to give full play to the greatest technological advantages, with high-quality products, first-class services, in the field of artificial intelligence applications will always take the lead. With the strong, with giants, there is no end in front of the road, the pace of progress will never stop!