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IJUNCO‘s Business is divided into four parts: Intelligent Planning, Intelligent Platform, System Development and System Integration. It focuses on the product development and application in the fields of Intelligent City Planning, Industrial Internet of Things Platform Operation, Machine Vision, Intelligent Robot, Power and New Energy. Through integrating the most advanced international intelligent technology, Hunan Intelligent Business is committed to providing advanced technology and clothing to customers in all fields. Business.

Intelligent manufacturing is the company's key area of concern. The company's main business and products include high-speed rail signal acquisition and detection, transfer, transportation, assembly, intelligent welding, intelligent production logistics and warehousing automation system. With the steady development of the existing business, the company focuses on the development of industrial production and industrial intelligence, and overall layout of artificial intelligence, industrial data, service robot technology research and development and industrial promotion. We will strive to be the industry leader of "Made in China 2025" manufacturing power strategy.