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About us

JUNCO (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming one of the leading suppliers of industrial intelligent solutions in China.

Under the call of "mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation", Professor Zhang Wenjun joined some well-known professors and experts in Beijing. With their accumulated research results in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things, machine vision and automatic control for many years, he started his business with achievements transformation and technical services, and registered in Beijing in April 2019. Jingke Intelligence (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. The company focuses on product development and application in the fields of industrial robots, Internet of Things, machine vision, power and new energy. It is engaged in the planning, design and transformation of intelligent workshops and production lines, the development and production of intelligent products, the development and integration of intelligent platforms, and is committed to providing customers with convenient products and services.

In the field of intelligent manufacturing, we are engaged in the deep development and system integration of industrial production line, product quality detection, vehicle operation, personnel, road environment and other related application scenarios based on machine vision. The company's main business and products include loading, conveying, assembling, intelligent welding, intelligent production logistics and warehousing automation system. In the initial stage of the company, we are committed to transforming and applying the excellent results of the team, and give full play to the advantages of team talents, focusing on software customization development in the fields of industrial Internet of Things, machine vision and automatic control.