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Intelligent Detection for Environment and Process Measurement-Lecture PPT


Seminar introduction
In environmental measurement, more and higher quality detection nodes can provide operational intelligence, better analysis functions, health status and security. Our values in improving monitoring and analysis capabilities apply to everything from our water supply and hazardous work environment to food and materials processing. In addition, the transition to smart sensors reduces expensive maintenance costs.
This seminar will explore the analysis of two major cases of water quality and gas detection, the characteristics and application areas of the precision analog microcontroller ADuCM355 with integrated chemical sensor interface.
Liquid analysis
1. Basic principles and operation of electrochemical liquid sensors
2.Effective ways to reduce maintenance costs
3.CN0428 programmable liquid analysis reference platform
Gas detection
1. Basic principles and operation of electrochemical gas sensors
2.Common measurement problems and related diagnostic measurement methods
3.CN0429 programmable gas analysis reference platform


Daniel Braunworth • Marketing Manager, Instrumentation
Daniel Braunworth is a marketing manager in the Scientific Instruments Division of ADI, a key division of ADI's Instrumentation Division. Daniel holds a degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University and has led and developed marketing strategies for the semiconductor industry for the past 12 years, focusing on simulation, inspection, and power management technologies.

Michal Raninec • System Application Engineer
Michal Raninec is a systems applications engineer in the Industrial IoT Solutions Group at Analog Devices. Michal graduated from Brno Technical University with a master's degree in microelectronics. He joined Analog Devices 3 years ago and has been working on various environmental and industrial inspection applications since then.

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